HANAMI l  はなみ
Graphic/ concept designer
淡路島出身。東京とサンフランシスコをベースに活動するデザイナー。18歳でビジネスとビジュアルマーケティング、心理学の独学を始め “自分を、人生をデザインするとは”というコンセプトの元、講座とセッションを展開する。渡米後シリコンバレーにあるAcademy of Art 大学でグラフィックデザインを学び、ブランディングやイベントキャンペーン、顧客体験そのもののデザインなどを幅広いクリエイティブプロジェクトを手がける。自身のもってうまれた 共感覚とスキルを掛け合わせて、本質の美をとらえた感性と感情に語りかける新しいデザインを提案している。

Hanami Itagaki is a Japanese graphic designer UI/UX designer based in San Francisco and Tokyo. She is currently earning BFA at Academy of Art University, expected to graduate in Spring 2021. 
She was born with synesthesia, a neurological condition of processing information by combining multiple senses, so she sees music, tastes, personal colors for individuals. Art has always been her way to express the world she facilitates. Ten years of experience in Japanese calligraphy and self-taught business marketing have widened her perspective, and have hugely influenced her interest in design. While she is earning BFA, she has experienced working with various international companies such as Dentsu, Located LLC, Tangem, and more as concept builder and graphic designer. Working as intern & UI/UX designer at Goodpatch Inc. in Tokyo has influenced her massively to be aware of value in digital world of design.
Hanami highly values to work on design projects with clear intention & purpose, and deep understanding of rapid changes in context to our modern world. She aspires to be a designer who leads the team with clear vision, and hopes to create a creative community called "inBloom Community" in the future.

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